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Bangle Holders

Bangle Stands or holders come in a variety of styles and shapes. Some of the styles are shown below with additional information about them

Bangle Box.

These come mostly in a plastic case we have the style shown above. Its a bplastic box with a various tinted plastic box with 4 seperate detachable holders. Plus it has a plastic lid to keep the dust away from your fancy bangles. The ones available has a deminsion approcimately: len = 12", width = 9" hight = 3.5 inches. No Assemply is required it already comes assembled.

Plastic rotating Holders.
These are made of plastic and after its assembled , It provides storage for various quantity of bangles. These are made for 4 dozen standard width bangles. Each spoke will hold various quantity of bangles . These rotating holders are a great space savers and make it easy to locate your desired bangle by rotating from top to mottom without having to move the stand from its place.

We carry 3 variety a 14 spoke stand, a 16 spoke bangle stand and a 20 spoke rotating bangle stand. These have to be assembled upon receipt. A short instruction is given below:

You should have these various pieces:
a. 2 triangular pieces.
b. 2 12 inches long plastics pieces with screw and cap at both end.
c. 1 12 inches long plastic piece with screw caps at both end and joined in the middle.
d. 7 ,8 or 10 pieces of plastic with round cap at both end and joined in the middle.
7 for a 14 spoke, 8 for 16 spoke, 10 for 20 spoke holder.
e. 1 round flat plastic piece approx 10 inches diameter. smaller or bigger

Assembly instruction:
1. Take piece (c) and unscrew in the middle and attach it to the center hole of the round plastic (e).
By putting the treaded end through the hole and treading the other piece from the other side until its tight.
2. Take the item(b) and unscrew both ends. Then attach it to the base hole of the two plastic triangle pieces. By putting the threaded ends through the bottom holes of the triangular piece. and attaching the small piece from the other side until tight.

3. Unscrew the end pieces from the piece (c) that's attached to the center of the round piece. Then attach the ends to the top hole of the triangular pieces.
Use the unscrewed pieces and attach from the other side until fairly snag. But not too tight, You should be able to turn the center round piece.

4. Unscrew from the middle of item #(d) and attach each to the outer holes on the round disc.
Unscrew the other pieces from (d) and slide one end through one of the outer holes and the other end thread it over the protruding piece.

5. Do this to all the additional pieces and hand tighten it as required.
You should be done additional tools required. Enjoy your bangle holder.



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