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Indian fashion Fancy payals, Payaals with Ghungharu. Payal or anklets jewelry for all occasions
gold payjab Silver payal Fancy anklets ( payaal )with silver tone and ghunguru from $6.99 a pr.
payjaab Golden payals :   Fancy anklets ( payal ) with gold tone with gungaroo from $6.99 a pair.
simple anklets Silver payal :   Fancy payal ( anklets) with silver tone .from $3.99 a pr These payals have no ghunghru, but they cones in various designs..
Ghungharu are the "tinklebells" or "jingle bells" which are used to adorn the feet . The payal is a traditional anklets worn by women in India. The terms payal and ghungharu are interchangeable;  The term payaal shows up repeatedly in song and poetry in northern India where it is said to be an indication of a girl's comings and goings, her dancing, and a general joyous mood of the wearer.The payal comes in various sizes , and styles. Also known as ankle bracelet | anklet | armilla and ankle jingles.
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