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These are Fancy gold and silver tikkas. Please select the items from the drop down buttons below and click on"add to cart " button.
Available 1 each Color and style as shown
Item# 1-5 (soldout)
Sale Price : $4.99 ea :
Item# 6-8 (soldout)
Sale Price : $7.99  
Item# 10-25
Sale Price : $9.99 ea :  
Item# 27-37 (soldout)
Sale Price :  
Item# 51,53 (soldout)
Sale Price :sold out:  
These are from simple to elegant fashion jewellry. These tikkas are the hanging types, non stick. Some have added diamonds to give it the sparkle and the look of elegance. These are all fancy costume jewellries with non precious stones.For multiple items send me an email with the info, or you can order it online 1 to 5 tikkas the shipping and handling will be same as for 1 tikka. Extra shipping charges will be refunded.
Located in East Bay - 27518 Tampa ave Hayward Ca