Indian dresses always have a demand in the international fashion market . These are the most beautiful crohet garment developed by Indian Handicraft designers and is liked all over the world. It is individually hand knitted from the finest 100% cotton yarn. As a result of individual knit each peice tends to be sightly different from the other, which becomes its charactersite and makes it exclusive. We have two styles available, Both styles comes with a draw string to tighten the skirt in place, plus elastic waist. Tie dye and extra streachable these are marked with items nunbers starting with flxxx. These fancy and large skirts have a waist that streaches from 28" to 68". Lenght 36" - 38". The fancy skirts marked with fmxxx comes in tie dye and single colors and also have mirrors and other work on them. these are medium waist that streaches from 24" to 42" and length 38"